Warranty Policy

ZTE Malaysia Limited Warranty Statement

  1. The warranty for ZTE’s product and its accessory are valid with ZTE authorized service centers (ASC) in Malaysia only and from the date of purchased by the customer.
    1. Transceiver and LCD – for a period of twelve (12) months
    2. Battery and Charger – for a period of six (6) months
    3. All accessories including hands free, memory card and USB cable – for a period of three (3) months
  2. This warranty covers repair of at the option of the ASC replacement without charge to the consumer, any parts proved to be defective due to faulty workmanship or materials, provided that the purchase of the product was made from an authorized dealer.
  3. This product is under warranty against manufacturing defects by reason of faulty workmanship or internal electronic parts/ materials.
  4. This warranty does not cover expendable items such as mobile phone antenna, housing and hands free kit.
  5. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from:
    1. Cosmetic damage.
    2. Usage other than in accordance with operating manual.
    3. Unauthorized services, repair, alteration or modification being carried out by third parties.
    4. Misuse, abuse, negligence, dropped damage, or other acts which are beyond reasonable control of the ASC.
    5. Rough handling or transportation.
    6. Improper installation, hardware or illegal software alteration and modification to this product and damage.
    7. Phone locked or security code.
    8. Set burned.
    9. Battery out of shape.
  6. Damage caused by fire, lighting strike, earthquake, flood, liquid, or any other natural disasters.
  7. This warranty will be null and void if the product in any of the following events:
    1. If the serial number or warranty seal on the product has been altered or removed.
    2. If any term contained in this warranty has been altered or modified in any way without the prior written consent of the ASC.
  8. Request for replacement or repair within the warranty period without producing this warranty card and the original proof of purchase will not be entertained.
  9. This warranty is in lieu of any, and all other warranties expressed or implied, especially including any implied warranty of merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose. The ASC assumes no liability for the breach of the warranty beyond correcting the breach in the manner described above. In no event shall the ASC be liable for consequential loss or damages, including loss of use or loss profits resulting from the product.
  10. In the event of detects covered by this warranty arising during the warranty period, the product should at the expense of the purchaser be sent to the ASC.
  11. This warranty does not cover finishes, consumables, consumable parts and cleaning. It also does not cover poor performance due to bad reception or non-reception of hand phone signal as a result of blind spot or in areas of poor signal penetration.
  12. This warranty does not cover for any data losses of the mobile device. Kindly back up all the information and data in the device before perform any factory reset to prevent loss or damage of information and data during process of testing and inspection.
  13. ZTE Corporation reserves the right to add, delete or amend the terms and conditions at anytime and without prior notice.

1-to-1 Exchange Policy

Criteria :
  • Any manufacturing defect.
  • Examples of defect:
    • Power ON failure
    • Speaker & microphone not functioning.
    • Display issue – missing line/ bad pixel
    • Failure to charge.
    • Touch panel & keys malfunctioning
    • SIM & memory not detectable
    • Cosmetic scratches and dented before reaching customer.
    • Phone/ system not responsive (hang)
    • No network signal.
  • DOA unit must be in full set and good condition (All components of the sales package are intact in original box – accessories, packing, screen protector)
  • IMEI on the box and device must tally.
  • No marking or scribble on the box
  • Any call testing performed on the device shall not exceed 5 minutes.
  • Purchased within 7 days follow by the proof of purchase date, products are having the criteria as above are eligible for 1 to 1 exchange.